…thoughts of death and rebirth…

Photograph by Author: Heath Extension on Halloween Night

We were very fortunate to witness the Blue Moon on Halloween evening. I was walking by our beautiful garden centre for a moonrise walk when I was struck by the sheer beauty of her full glow behind one of the sheds. Being an avid photographer, I had to take some photographs. The owner of the centre politely asked me where the moon was. As I pointed to her, he said: “Oh, it is the Blue Moon, and full moons harness powerful energies”. I agreed with him and our chat lead to a conversation about life…

…a trip to our own island in the sun

Photograph courtesy of MS: “Pendant ce temps au Paradis…”

As Autumn draws in

As darkness lingers

We are grateful

For the Sunshine

Sent to us from Above.

We all face Dark days

We all feel the Gloom

But we can all take a trip

To our personal island

And bask in the Sun.

Whilst listening to waves

Singing Her hypnotic song

We can take ourselves

To the shore and feel the wet sand

Ooze between our toes.

Take a trip to our Personal Heaven,

Let go of all thoughts and situations

Every bit of negativity

That no longer serve Us.

No matter how we feel

Happy or a bit less

We can take a trip

To our Personal Heaven…

And stay there for as long

As we want…

Mark Twain once said, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

or the second wake up…?

Brighton West Pier. Photograph by The Author

2020 was never going to be an ordinary year. No ordinary number. 20:20 vision. 02 02 2020 at 20:20 became a magical portal with new possibilities that would potentially materialise for the spiritually attuned souls. Just another year for us more cynical beings. Whichever way we look at things, that February 2020 was the turning point for most: some SARS related virus that started from a wet market in Wuhan, China.

The World went through the dreaded lockdown in March; most of us were hoping for a month top. How wrong were we!! Like sacrificial…

Photograph by The Author

I had a rather profound conversation with my Tween, who questioned some Holy texts that recounted a history of wars. In his young burgeoning mind, God should have put a stop to all of this as ultimately, humans were fighting over Him. So I explained that many wars happened in historical contexts apt for that period of time, but nowadays most of us practice our religions in peace and respect in the sanctity of our personal space. We practice love and care, not disrespect or superiority.

Later that day, I came across OMNISM, which is the belief that no religion…

… a necessity to achieve inner and outer love and peace.

Photograph by the Author: Golders Hill Park, North London

This rainy evening, I read a brilliant piece about the wisdom of doing less, to strike a perfect balance to meaningful living. This inspired me to write just a few words on the virtues of finding stillness within.

We have been programmed to pack many items in 16 hours of awakeness, our lives became a long to-do list, and still, we never manage somehow to tick all the items off, as we add more. Our brains have become addicted to information overload which effectively drives our ego-selves as we become information churners in an attempt to sound more intelligent in…

The Charging Bull and Fearless Girl square off in New York City’s financial district. Source: npr.org

Bankrupt. Does the word mean “When banks corrupt us?”

Banks tempt us into living beyond our means with cheap loans and potentially with negative interest rates in an attempt to spend our ways out of recession.

What happens in an economic downturn is that people default or are unable to pay their loans … go bankrupt.

Can we look up to some Financial Messiah to save us or can we save ourselves from worse turmoils?

Can financial institutions act in a more holistic manner, not Robin Hood-style but more to financially empower?

Perhaps financially naive and totally utopian, but changes around us stimulates thoughts of rippling changes

From Politics

To Economics

or navigating in aimless waters?

Photo by The Author

We all knew somehow that 2020 was going to be different…

Just as 1919 was for sure as WW1 was just over with the Treaty of Versailles signed in June that year, and it was finally, the 1st year of blood-free peace humanity craved after. However, the world was not just devasted by war as the Spanish Flu pandemic that took 50 million lives between 1918 and 1920. This was followed by the great economic depression of 1929 and yet another world war as if The Great War had taught us nothing! The fight of…

An alternative view…

So often we are told that cat lovers are introverted and dog enthusiasts are more outgoing. I suspect that could be true as we hear of friends organising, walks with their dogs. “Let's go to the park and walk our dogs so that our dogs can befriend one another!”. It almost becomes an extension of human friendship as dogs are social animals and not so territorial.

Photo: by author

Dogs sense our fear and anxiety and jubilate when we feel joyful. They are eager to please us and are forever grateful, just as we are grateful to…

Love this Dr Singh! Some have confused detachment as being uncaring. I believe that it is quite the opposite. Caring does not mean attachment. We care for our children, we love them unconditionally, but there comes a time where we have to allow them to just be. We can be guides to one another, without being burdened with attachment

Ruks Moreea

Alternative Thinker. Lover of All Things Good & Life. Interested in humanity, spirituality, conscious parenting and human energy. MSc in Psychology

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