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Ruks Moreea
3 min readDec 31, 2020


Photograph by Author: Wired for Better

As another year ends

Often one always tends

To ponder on what-ifs

And the What-could

Or the what-should.

We inevitably question on how could we improve and avoid mistakes as that is what our beautiful minds are programmed and formatted to do. This is what we often tend to do: fix, fix and re-fix. Mostly we often try to fix others rather than seek deep within ourselves, as the problem rarely lies with us, right? And if we cannot fix, we blame. It is pretty much never our fault, but blame whoever we can, as finger-pointing is a fun sport. We blame the countries we live in, the countries that birthed us, we blame our immediate environment or we blame our failing systems whilst watching our society breaking down in this perpetual lack of respect, that stems from a culture of self- unaccountability and … blame of others. Perhaps, this blaming tactic is deeply ingrained in us as perhaps often this mindset is formatted from ancestral lines. Perhaps, we blame in an attempt to find answers. If anything this special and dramatic year has shown us that we cannot fix anything beyond our control and we certainly do not have the answers we desperately seek.

What if there aren’t any from the outside, as our answers are subjective us and can be found from within us and us alone. If anything this special and dramatic year has shown us that we cannot fix anything beyond our control and we certainly do not have the answers we desperately seek. We can only fix ourselves and fix our wings to recognise our past mistakes and let them just be. Perhaps we can slowly learn and grow from our past experiences and shift our mindset of lack to one of abundance. Our lack of gratitude is one of many examples I can think of, this propensity of ours to turn complaints into a national sport. If we learn to function from an open heart and develop gratitude for who we are, for who we have and ripple this gratitude to our surroundings and the World at large, maybe we could then develop an appreciation for all we have.

Yes…Answers are within us if we search deep within ourselves. Our answers to our discontent and unhappiness. As we slowly learn to open up and receive blessings from the Universe, as we learn to connect with the Divine and with one another, we can surely find all our answers deep inside of us. Earlier today I watched a great video message for the New Year, and the message was so beautiful: make the new year a year of Movement of the soul. See the world for its beauty, see one another for who we are and be deeply thankful for who and what we have. We cannot control one another, but we can surely help to elevate each other to create a better Us and Society. It will not be an overnight change, but small baby steps can be taken to make us rise to our better selves.

My humble message to my lovely readers: stay present, see the past as lessons, see some people as lesson providers but for sure be grateful for the ones who remain by your sides come what may, who elevate you and whom you elevate. Be grateful to the rare Souls who inspire you to become better, who teach you with their love and truth. See the World in her beauty, seek no answers from the outer but from your inner. And above all, enjoy your journey in joy and peace. There will be some sad moments but more happy ones to help you move forwards and onwards in your journey. There is only one of you on Mother Earth, so love yourself greatly and gently. You can only find your ability to receive and give true love when you learn to love yourself deeply.

I wish you all a healthy New Year, a better Year and great beginnings for many decades ahead.

Much Love and Light to you all.



Ruks Moreea

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