Changes Ahead

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I was half watching a live Reuters report about the various vaccines that will be made available to the U.S.A., with priorities given to residents of nursing homes. This is the same stance adopted in the U.K. Some of you may share the view that this is perhaps a little rushed, long-terms effects are obviously unknown and efficacy will vary from testers and patients as it is a mutating virus. Some of you may prefer to adopt ‘a wait and see’ stance, some may be totally against the vaccine and overall, there is beauty in choice. We can choose to or not to take the vaccine or vaccinate our loved ones, or at least I hope that this is the world we live in, whereupon we are given a choice. We are still on a learning curve, but let us hope that we have viable and good outcomes in the future.

Earlier I was told a story of an elderly gentleman who was quite fearful of walking further than from the end of his street as he did not want to catch the virus. He eagerly awaits his turn to be vaccinated as he feels that the vaccine will liberate him. I could not help questioning the world we now live in: the fear that some of us have developed. The continuous buzz in our heads: “Am I safe? Are we safe? Are schools, workplaces, supermarkets or universities safe? Is this vaccine a panacea or it all in our minds as we feel desperate to get on with our normal lives”. Can’t help thinking: were we ever safe before or is the concept of safety a mindset? Were our lives ever normal or just a creation of our powerful minds?

This year has no doubt woken us from a lull, from being in autopilot for far too long and begs us to press our reset buttons. I humbly believe there will be changes in the ways we conduct our lives. Perhaps, we will shop less and enjoy more, we will work more from home and commute less, be less exhausted stuck in endless traffic and enjoy our drives with soothing music to appease (loving Night Traveller these days!) and above all, pay attention to our precious selves and our loved ones. Perhaps, sadly there will be more separation as we no longer feel in tune with some people and go through a ‘people detox’ of sorts. It happens, as everything in life has an expiry date after all. Perhaps as I said to a young Soul earlier today, this pandemic has made us all to shed our old skins and ditch our old ways. Perhaps it is a gentle creation of the ‘New Us’ through disruption and not just reinvention, with fresher vision and open minds and hearts.

This viral pandemic is increasingly a mental one as we are all so aware now. We are grateful that our children can still attend schools and continue with their lives, but I am not a great supporter of the long video chats and ‘Roblox-ing’ or ‘Minecraft-ing’. But as a mother, I realise that I have to compromise, as things have become different in lockdowns and sadly tech gaming has provided social escapism for Tween and Flower Angel. Having said that our latest purchase is Virtual Pets has brought a bit of variety to Roblox or Minecraft or hours of video recordings YouTube! Bit of retro never hurts! Tech gaming is a necessary evil, in small measures.

All in all, I share the dreams of many in seeing more respect for Mother Earth, for all her Beings, humans or not. I dream of a purer World, for sincerity and compassion. For a world ruled in Economic respect for all and not one based, based on the old rhetoric: the gap between the haves and have not is forever increasing. Wealth creation for the many and not for the minuscule few, empowering Northern and Southern Hemispheres. A world based more on can do rather than should have done, mover forward rather than being forever critical of the past. A world where politicians come in to selflessly serve the People and not feel entitled to be served. A society which is colour, creed and gender blind, guided by good people rather than good and savvy political corporate men. Good leaders have no gender, no race, no skin colour. A good Human is simply a good Human, no labels necessary!

To finish off, I wish you All well. Look after yourselves and when you do catch this virus stay home and heal. Our immune systems require us to be mentally strong and the healthy can and will deal and heal. All I can ask is for us to look after our loved ones, especially our fragile ones, be it physically or mentally. We can all heal one another with some magic: love, compassion and good thoughts. May this pandemic give us a chance to let go of our acidity and bring some sweetness to our lives.



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Ruks Moreea

Ruks Moreea

Alternative Thinker. Lover of All Things Good & Life. Interested in humanity, spirituality, conscious parenting and human energy. MSc Psychology,PhD, FRSPH