Human Consciousness for Change

The New Us…

Photograph by The Author

Recently I came across a sweet guided meditation story tailored for children. The story recounts how trees communicate when the wind blows, shaking their branches and leaves. It is a truly magical sight and sound when one is in the middle of a dense forest, watching branches swaying away in the light breeze, allowing sun rays in an out of our vista.

Cleansing and Clearer…

To me, this is one sacred cleansing ritual where nothing goes in through me, no thoughts, no noise, and just sheer bliss in stillness. Walking alone in silence, listening to crackles and birdsongs… It is the best place to be in a calm meditative state, a total connection with the immediate environment and Gaia. It is personally the best place to manifest change for me, for my loved ones, and for the world. And the Divine knows how we are all craving for this change around us. For some alternative thinkers and believers in non-rigidity, this pandemic has brought many of us closer but in feathery light energy, in consciousness for the greater of good, rather than choosing to live in the density and the darkness of fear. To the many struggling souls around us, we shower them healing light and compassion.

The point I make here is, physically, we go about our daily grind, school runs, work (from home for most of us), grocery shopping just as it was in 2019 and before. The difference is that the dark blanket that once covered some of us, is perhaps expanding in dimension and more and more of us are functioning in a place of darkness, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Many feel hopeless, many just have given up any form of social activity, just wake up, work, eat, and sleep, whilst sinking deeper into loneliness. The pandemic is no longer virus-driven but truly mentally-impairing. If our ability to breathe is still perfectly functioning, our ability to think with a clear vision is increasingly blurred.

“The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore… Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.” Rumi

Around the world, more citizens have taken to the streets, demanding change, urging for heads to roll, and demanding governmental resignations. This symptom of restlessness is perhaps an urge to focus on lack rather than focus on gratitude; in better times we would just shut our eyes to corruption and misdemeanours but be grateful for a steady income to feed our material greed, but not anymore. To be fair why should we put up with bad governance, corruption and how could we think that greed was good? Again, I view this as an opening of our collective consciousness, a demand for a lighter way to function in a sustainable world, and a fairer society but revolutions can take years if not decades to manifest change.

Photograph by The Author

What if we could look at trees to seek answers on how to manifest a change for the greater of good, for humanity, for our beautiful Mother Earth, whilst maintaining a state of gratitude within us. We are often told solutions are within us, complaining and spreading more negative vibes quells our ability to think clearer and achieve better. Just looking up at them swaying and looking at down at their spread out roots brings a new perspective.

The New Us…

I was quite enamoured by a recent Ted Talk questioning how the redwood trees in the Muir woods in San Francisco withstood earthquakes, blizzards and windstorms in spite of their lack of deep roots. The talk explained that the century-old trees stood firmly in the forest as the roots reach outwards seeking the roots of other redwood trees to intertwine and form strong supportive bonds to one another in unity. In the care of each other, nature is giving humanity a crucial lesson, willingness to take care of each other, the universal principle of altruism: in giving we receive. The message was loud and clear: by getting things we make a living but by giving we make a life by loving each other whilst use things. Sadly we notice that more people use people and love things. Has this pandemic silenced our need to find comfort in material goods, as we see how everything around us is in limbo with the ‘New World’ hanging over us? Is it a ‘New World’ or is it a ‘New Us’?

Individuals yet the same…

We are individuals, different yet the same, and we more or less want the same basic things in life. Just as trees communicate with each other via their roots and their branches, our brains are tuned in with our thoughts. We can manifest change with our thoughts alone, our neurons can interconnect with others. Just with thoughts we can manifest change for individual selves and ripple these thoughts across. I agree, it may sound totally unscientific for many but metaphysical science is slowly picking grounds, proving that we do hold untapped power and ability to influence change with our thoughts alone. If our ability to give ourselves to one another just as the redwood trees do can make us build a stronger world for ourselves and our children, then truly the solution is within all of us. I cannot fathom the idea of prescribing my wonderful readers to dig deep within themselves in meditation but as a new convert, it has become a life-changing daily habit, adopted by my young children. In this state of transcendence, we come to recognise that many of us are just similar and are silently manifesting for better changes for humanity and the world at large.

“Something miraculous is being birthed in the consciousness of humanity” Emmanuel Dagher

This will not be an overnight thing, we will not wake up in January 2021, and see major differences or witness a miracle, but it does feel that change is showing up more and more if we pay attention. Often these are not pretty, but revolutions never are. The end result is…

Let us hold space for collective consciousness for the birth of a stronger and sustainable society. Let us put our positive thoughts and energies together to manifest progress for us, our loved ones, and society at large.



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