Le Masque…

Ruks Moreea

Ruks Moreea
2 min readSep 28, 2020

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Portez-vous un masque pour proteger votre vie?


Demasquez-vous pour bien vivre votre vie?

It feels that we got used to stifling our emotions by wearing an imaginary mask.

It feels like we lost our authenticity in an attempt to fit in in various circles.

Now that we are condemned to wearing one in public spaces, one can feel the desperation to delineate a smile from a scowl.

We have perhaps created more isolation by constructing a pretend social life on social media.

Now that many have no choice but to remain behind screens, we scream for human contact and intimacy.

We lost the art of making friends and building deep connections. Instead, we used apps to robotise romance and move on to the next human as if he or she was a product from a shelf.

Should we attempt to recreate a space for respect and compassion for one another, and treat fellow humans with unconditional kindness?

Can we show up and be our true authentic selves and ditch our lame pretense? Or do we carry living in fear, because our immediate environment requires us to act in a predetermined way?

Do we wear our imaginary masks to hide our fear or instead, can we choose to wear an imaginary cape and live like superheroes?

For the sake of future generations, let us do so, please.

Hence, I humbly ponder

Does one wear a mask to protect one’s life


Could one unmask oneself to truly, live life?



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