The Blue Moon

Ruks Moreea
3 min readNov 8, 2020

…thoughts of death and rebirth…

Photograph by Author: Heath Extension on Halloween Night

We were very fortunate to witness the Blue Moon on Halloween evening. I was walking by our beautiful garden centre for a moonrise walk when I was struck by the sheer beauty of her full glow behind one of the sheds. Being an avid photographer, I had to take some photographs. The owner of the centre politely asked me where the moon was. As I pointed to her, he said: “Oh, it is the Blue Moon, and full moons harness powerful energies”. I agreed with him and our chat lead to a conversation about life and death. Are we who we are when we are alive or do we become “Our True Us” when our physical beings depart from this World. “The body is in our soul”, concept and not vice versa. Are we seen when we are in the physical body or are we seen when our soul transcends? This curt but powerful conversation opened a line of thinking I had never had.

Just as I, the gentleman is a meditator but unlike most novice meditators, he needs an alarm to extricate himself from his meditative state. The dream world, the world of visualisations and meetings with our higher selves as we open our crown chakras to connect with The Divine. A state of total surrender where we surmise that we are insignificant in the grand scale of the Universe, yet our actions and thoughts can change the World for the better. A state of bliss and Oneness. He carried this peace in his aura and in his words. We both shared this feeling about a collective mass awakening. Perhaps this is positive from lockdowns as we all pretty much share the same experiences of functioning in alternative ways to 2019 and before. Perhaps, we have been forced to change our narratives as we gently ditch the Ego self.

I will keep this piece short and sweet as I would invite you, my lovely readers and followers, to capture every single moment that life presents us. We can choose to complain and act as victims of the herd of sheep that we are forced to follow, whilst kicking and shouting. Alternatively, we can act like make-belief- sheep as we follow rules forced upon us but direct our thoughts to transform our immediate environment and World. We can be in a place of total peace and surrender, whilst functioning as observers, rather than react. I would encourage you all to harness the energy and savour the sheer beauty that nature provides. Treat our Mother Earth just as you would treat yourselves, love her as you love yourself, praise her just as you praise yourselves, smile at her just as you would smile at yourselves. Judge Her not as you would not want to be judged. Go easy with yourselves and move with the flow of full moons.

Photograph by Author’s Tween: Blue Moon in Silvertone

We have just but one journey in this physical body, be it a long or short one. It is up to us to make it count and make it joyful. I perhaps sound prescriptive as there is no fixed formula to fully living our lives. Perhaps it is my way to share some inner wisdom and experiences. I do hope that collectively our wisdom can make us better and make our World a better place.

In the meantime, lets patiently await for the next Full moon. Harness her powerful energy and feel your rebirthing as the wiser you.



Ruks Moreea

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