What if God could end Wars…

Ruks Moreea
2 min readOct 28, 2020
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I had a rather profound conversation with my Tween, who questioned some Holy texts that recounted a history of wars. In his young burgeoning mind, God should have put a stop to all of this as ultimately, humans were fighting over Him. So I explained that many wars happened in historical contexts apt for that period of time, but nowadays most of us practice our religions in peace and respect in the sanctity of our personal space. We practice love and care, not disrespect or superiority.

Later that day, I came across OMNISM, which is the belief that no religion is TRUTH but that TRUTH is found in all of them. Humanity has experienced enough destruction, if we are not busy looking for problems with each other, we destroy and pollute in the name of Human development and advancement. If we hold a certain belief that we all have God in us, that we all carry the Divine within, why do we need wars? Ultimately, all we are doing is achieving our own destruction which is against the very fabric of The Divine.

I hope that it is not too late for us for learning and growing from our failings. What if we could end Wars and be more connected to God, Divine Source, and The Universe, bringing us closer as ONE. We would feel the need to seek the justification of our differences but embrace them, we would educate one another to rise TOGETHER as humankind and not just be a measurement of exam grades. We could sustainably build our economies to benefit each and all of us, rather than create disparities and gaps in society.

If anything disparities are the very creation of War. In the Master and Servant rhetoric, the widening social gaps are the very reason or excuse of human restlessness. This arrogant belief of superiority over each other highlights our fear of others and resistance in accepting. Mass manifestations around the World, shows how fragile peaceful existence is. Yet the very few who thrive on such dissonance are the loudest whilst the majority of us seek peace, in silence. The majority of us seek God, Divine Source.

“Bapu Ghandi said, “All religions are true.” I just want to love God,” I blurted out, and looked down, red in the face.”
Yann Martel, Life of Pi

I hope and pray that we all find The Divine within and seek to ripple Universal peace in the name of God, Divine Source, and Divine within.



Ruks Moreea

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